The ministry of BETH consists of Dana & Susanne Elston who have been a songwriting team for years. Even though their music is edgy and their sound is their own, worship always comes through in their songs, craving the presence of God in everything they do from inside and outside the walls. BETH means "House" in Hebrew where the temple of the Holy Spirit dwells within every true worshiper (1 Cor 3:9-17). Through the years from performing in coffee shops, outdoor events, serving in churches and mega churches, crusades, radio, etc, their hearts for worship lead them to be the worshipers they are today. It's prevalent in their music. God took two broken people out of the pit of the world and brought them into the powerful presence of God of leading people into the Holy of Holies. Their real life lyrics are life changing for any person who desires to go deeper and closer with Jesus.

The style of their latest project is contemporary rock with soulful undertones and catchy melodies. Forever Holy was lyrically inspired by life’s challenges and seeing how God remains faithful through brokenness, how His grace covers us with His unconditional love. Through it all comes amazing songs of restoration, healing, hope and forgiveness. Songs that are prophetic, of being thankful, of trust, of adoration to the One we love forever because of who He is.

The majority of BETH's songs are written on a one on One basis to their Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ for bringing a deeper and closer relationship with Him. This CD is prayerfully designed to touch the Heart of God because He is Holy and He desires for us to be Holy – set apart only for Him.

While working to complete this project, BETH continues to minister in local churchs and performing at events. They have been introducing their new material and receiving very favorable interest.

BETH's passion and anointing is real. They completely pour themselves out to God and to the people through transparent worship as they usher in the Presence of God with powerful Praise & Worship music. One can feel the heart beat of God through their expressive worship and they have an anointing that impacts and encourages congregations to get closer to their Maker. Nothing superficial about BETH - the real deal!


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Christian Rock / Christian Rock
Praise & Worship
Hemet, CA

Forever Holy

Label: Tate Music Group
Copyright: (c) 2013 Tate Music Group

Label: Tate Music Group
Copyright: (c) 2013 Tate Music Group

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